I resolve to .....

by Gayle McClure

I usually don't make New Year resolutions but this year I do have one.  To write a blog at least once a week.  

When I decided to open the store that was one of my goals.  I had planned to write about the whole process.  But whenever I would sit down to write there was so much going through my head I couldn't decide on a theme.  It has been a crazy year.  Can you believe it has been almost (Feb 1st) one year since I made this decision!!!  

The posts will be in 3 categories: 

1. The trials and tribulations of opening a new brick and mortar business.  Mostly specific to the yarn and needlecrafts business, but sometimes more generic.  

2. Learning New Things.  For example, I just bought a book on finishing needlework.  I would love to offer that service but know nothing about it.  I honestly learn something new everyday.  

3. Video and step by step How To's.   I need to learn how to do video's for publication.  Maybe that will be my first "Learn New Things" post :-).   This category will include Knit Along (KAL) tutorials as well.  

I hope that you all will enjoy my musings.  I will try to make them informative and fun.  WISH ME LUCK!!!

Happy New Year!  And remember Yarn is Cheaper than Therapy!