Projects Finished/Projects Started

by Gayle McClure in

Are they Knit Worthy? 

This was a week of finishing projects and starting new ones.  I finally finished all my knitted Christmas projects!!!  One word of advice when chosing who to knit or crochet gifts for - MAKE SURE THEY ARE KNIT WORTHY!!!   Not everyone appreciates our efforts and the thought and time that goes into hand making a scarf, cowl, shawl or a hat. Most of my giftees did.  

From the Mountain Cashmere/Sailor Scarf

I also finished a beautiful cashmere Sailors Scarf for my husband.  It was the first time I have knitted with pure cashmere.  Oh what a treat.  I did learn that this cashmere does not look great as your are knitting it but once it is blocked it is amazing.  

Arrow Caterpillar Shawl (die Pfeilraupe)

As for new projects, I have figured out the Arrow Caterpillar Shawl that has been floating around the internet recently.  I found a translated version that was still difficult to understand.  So I sat down with the printout and some yarn and worked through it.  It is really easy and fun.  Although there are a lot of stitches to cast on (288), you don't work them all on every row which makes for a lot of interest so you don't get board.  

This coming week my goal is to work up the shawl and rewrite the instructions so that they are easier to understand.  I really want to do a spring KAL (Knit Along) using this pattern and the Blue Heron Organic Cotton yarn.  Picutres coming soon.  

Until next week....  and remember Yarn is so much cheaper than therapy.